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Cookies are small text files stored locally in your browser's cache. When you revisit the same site, cookies permit the site to recognise your browser and consequently store your user preferences. You can manage accepted cookies here

1. Type and function of cookies

     • Own: Sent from a device or domain managed by the owner of the website.
     • Third-Party: Sent from a device or domain not managed by the owner of the website.
     • Session: Collect data while the user is browsing the website.
     • Permanent: Permit access to data on the terminal of the user for a period defined by the controller of the cookie.
     • Technical: Permit the user to browse a website and to use different options or services.
     • Personalisation: Permit the user to access the service with certain characteristics.
     • Analysis: Permit tracking and analysis of the behaviour of the user of websites to which they are linked, in order to introduce improvements based on aggregate data.
     • Advertising: Enable management of the publisher’s advertising spaces based on certain criteria, such as content published or frequency of logins.

2. Table/list with the type of cookies used by the website and their purpose

NAME: _hssrc, __hstc, _hjid, Hubspotutk, _shopify_y Cart_sig
OWNER: Hubspot
DURATION: Session and permanents
PURPOSE: It is used to determine if the visitor has restarted their browser; It is used to save the session keys; It is used to track the identity of visitors; It serves to control security when checking out and proceeding to pay on the website

NAME: _derived, Scapp_net

NAME: Shopify_pay_redirect,_shopify_sa_p, _shopify_fs, _orig_referrer, _landing_page Secure_customer_sig Cart_currency _y
OWNER: Shopify
DURATION: Permanent
PURPOSE: It serves to control security when checking out and proceeding to pay on the website; It serves to collect data about the behavior and interaction of visitors and offer them advertisements more related to their interests; It is used to keep the user's credentials safely when an order is being processed on the web;

NAME: _pin_unauth
OWNER: Pinterest
DURATION: Permanent
PURPOSE: Used by Pinterest to establish the traceability of its services

NAME: _hjlncludedlnSample, _gac_UA-51401671-1
OWNER: Hotjar
DURATION: Session and permanents
PURPOSE: It is established once a visitor interacts with a popup. It is used so that it does not appear again if it has already been shown; It serves to measure, analyze and improve the use of the web

OWNER: Cloudfare
DURATION: Permanent
PURPOSE: Used to identify trusted web traffic

NAME: _fbp
OWNER: Facebook
DURATION: Permanent
PURPOSE: It serves to offer personalized advertising

NAME: _gcl_au, _gcl_aw
OWNER: Google Adsense
DURATION: Permanent
PURPOSE: Used to streamline ad display

NAME:_ga, _gid
OWNER: Google Analytics
DURATION: Permanent
PURPOSE: Used for visitor tracking

OWNER: Amplitude
PURPOSE: They are used for analytical purposes

OWNER: Alexa
DURATION: Permanent
PURPOSE: Cookie used to identify and distinguish unique users

NAME: Ajs_anonymous_id
OWNER: Albacross
DURATION: Permanent
PURPOSE: It is used to count how many visitors there are on the web and track if they have been before

OWNER: Google
DURATION: Permanent
PURPOSE: Transfer data to Google

OWNER: Youtube
DURATION: Permanent
PURPOSE: It serves to indicate that the use of the cookie has been accepted

- You may disable the use of own and third-party cookies through setting up the browser options installed on your device. We inform that in case of disabling cookies, it can affect some functionalities of our website.

     • Internet Explorer 9
     • Chrome
     • Mozilla Firefox
     • Safari

Identification of the controller of the cookies and the processing of the data obtained:

The controller of the own cookies and the data obtained will be WE ARE WADO, S.L. (“SAYE”). The contact e-mail address is:

The controller of the third-party cookies is: Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Youtube, Hubspot, Shopify, Pinterest, Hotjar, Facebook, Albacross.