Sustainability Through Veganism

For us, vegan products must also have an environmental commitment and cannot be made of plastic. That is why we are constantly looking for new materials and are currently using innovative, bio-based, recycled, and organic materials.


To be part of and promote the use of new, scientifically new, more plant-based materials without relying on animal and non-renewable resources. We collaborate with our factories and suppliers, which allows us to develop materials, processes, and products with lower impact.

Social Consciousness

To constructively educate the consumer through our products, showing timeless and durable designs. Encouraging a change of mentality towards more responsible consumption.


Build an honest business and promote long-lasting relationships that support us in any action we take.

    SAYE Journey

  • 2018

  • March

    Launched the WADO brand on Kickstarter.

  • May

    We hired our first employee.

  • June

    We moved into our first office.

  • 2019

  • August

    We change the name from WADO to SAYE under the “Say yes to change” campaign. The name changes but the values endure.

  • 2020

  • January

    We launch our website through Shopify.

  • March

    Pandemic, consumption patterns change and teleworking is introduced.

  • December

    We launch the first model made of recovered Mangos (The Greens Capsule).

  • 2021

  • February

    We launch our second sneaker, M'95.

  • July

    We launch the first model made of Cactus (The Greens Capsule).

  • October

    We launch the Model 89 sneaker in boot version, M89 Hi.

  • November

    Our sneakers go full vegan.

  • 2022

  • January

    We begin Sustainability Impact Analysis with BCome.

  • April

    Launch of our first M’65 summer sneaker.

  • June

    Launch of the most retro sneaker M’70.

  • October

    We launch the first model made of Apple (The Greens Capsule).

  • December

    We open our first Pop up in Barcelona.

  • December

    We launch SAYE's trendiest sneaker, M’92.

  • 2023

  • January

    We close the environmental analysis project and set impact reduction targets for 2023.

  • February

    Launched OUR IMPACT, our sustainability manifesto.

  • March

    We change our packaging: Plastic Mailers > Biomailers > Recycled and returnable cardboard boxes.