Our new journey as a 100% vegan company!

Dear Friends.

We are SAYE’s founders, Damian, Lizzie and Marta, and we want to update you on the exciting next steps we have made for the future of our brand.

SAYE was born three years ago with a mission in mind, to make trendy and sustainable sneakers that help you ease the change towards a more conscious lifestyle. Back then we were focused on finding the best materials available on the market.

Since our priority was to use quality materials and the plastic free vegan options were not available at that time, we started producing our Modelo 89 with leather, rather than choosing vegan (which would be made from 100% plastic), as back then alternative vegan options were scarce.

Over the years however, we’ve been able to test new, groundbreaking materials that have fueled our desire to use sustainable vegan products. We’ve worked with several suppliers in order to offer our vegan bio-based collection, creating super innovative products like the M’89 Vegan Cactus or the M’89 Vegan Mango. And now, we’ve come to a stage where we can say goodbye to our leather products and start our new journey as a 100% vegan company with what we call our Not Just Vegan products.

However, this exciting change comes with a small amount of our Modelo ‘89 leather leftover, and we think nothing would be less sustainable than throwing a whole batch of production away. That is why we’ve decided that during the month of November, we’re going to sell all leather sneakers at a 30% discount, so we can start the new year completely fresh.This is a huge step for us and we’re now more certain than ever that we couldn’t have done it without our incredible friends that have trusted SAYE during all these years, we owe it to you.

We are so very grateful to be able to embark on this new journey and we hope you will follow us passionately, the way you always have! 

“We do not
inherit the
Earth from our
Ancestors, we
borrow it from
our children”