M'70 Vegan Lookbook

Modelo '65 Vegan Lime
Modelo '65 Lookbook
Modelo '65 Lookbook
Modelo '65 Violet
Modelo '65 Lookbook

For this launch we interviewed four profiles of the LGTBIQ+ collective who have a lot to say. We have taken this opportunity to give them a loudspeaker to talk about their identity, their way of sharing the world and their experiences.

Modelo '65 Lookbook

Video directors: @polrenom @carles_carrete

Camera assistant: @slabonstudio

Colorist: @enyarodriguez

Music: SOSOSO Creative Sound Agency

Interviewer: andrea___mena

Photographer: @marionacalathea

Photography assistant: @hels0

Graphic Design: @alexbasalobre

Lights: @arnausole_studio

Stylist: @julspuig

Makeup artist: @janamuartist