Meet Sònia from @sontons

Two years ago, Sònia decided to completely change her way of working and living. She moved from the city to a small rural village and created her project SonTonS. She uses plants and flowers to print on vintage garments and give them a new life.

When we discovered her beautiful project, we knew we had to see it with our own eyes and document her process. We set off to the Alt Empordà, where Sònia currently lives and works, so she could tell us a little more. She opened the doors of her home, inspired us with her upcycling techniques and even dyed a pair of our socks with flowers and plants that she had collected next to her house.

We were very inspired to see how you can completely convert a piece of clothing with natural dyes and give it a new life. Watch the interview and learn more about SonTonS.