The new Modelo '70 Vegan is here to stay. 

Because this sneaker is made from vegan, organic and recycled materials. Taking inspiration from retro as a starting point but turning it into a sneaker worthy of today, with a versatile silhouette that does not start from trends and designed with materials that respect the environment.

For this SAYE launch we have chosen four profiles of the LGTBIQ+ scene who have a lot to say. We interviewed them in order to give them a loudspeaker to talk about their identity, their way of sharing the world and their experiences.

Because SAYE wants to commit not only to the environment but also to social awareness, because one and the other go hand in hand, they are essential to keep moving towards change and they are here to stay.

Blanca Arias

Artist and Researcher

Enzo Fontcuberta

Transgender Activist & Communications



Isa Tofu

Lesbian Artist and Content Creator


Video directors: Pol Renom & Carles Carreté

Camera assistant: Marc Rotger

Colorist: Enya Rodríguez

Music: SOSOSO Creative Sound Agency

Interviewer: Andrea Mena

Photographer: Mariona Calathea

Photography assistant: Helena Boet

Graphic Design: Àlex Basalobre

Lights: Arnau Solé

Stylist: Julia Puig

Makeup artist: Jana Costa