Gòtic ferments

Gòtic Ferments was born as a result of a meeting between two neighbors on the rooftops of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona in the middle of the post-pandemic period.

This meeting brought together Miky, a professional cook, experimenting in fermentation at the time, and Carla, with a great background in the world of communication, both with a great social commitment, very enthusiastic, they decided to start what is today Gòtic Ferments.

They started filling their houses with jars and vegetables, fermenting everything we found, until seeing the success of their first products; they decided to move to a shared kitchen in the Poble Sec neighborhood, MASSA. It was at that moment when Alex joined the team, becoming a key piece for the development of the project.

Their ferments were well liked, and so they decided to venture to take their project to the next level, creating a company that offers food that allows you to enjoy healthy eating, while working to have a positive impact on the environment.

They ferment in small batches, growing food naturally, slowly and with minimal intervention, offering home-made products prepared with agro-ecological ingredients and distributed through a network of responsible consumption, made up of neighborhood cooperatives, stores and markets, bars and restaurants and private customers.

Watch the full interview to find out more about the project and learn about the magic behind the creation of kombucha.