Sandra Modrego is a spanish artist currently working in Barcelona. Her work proposes a reflection on the representation of the body in society.

With her collection Le Corps, Sandra vindicates the intrinsic beauty of the body, supporting the freedom of all forms, the principles of respect, and authenticity. Her works represent natural and free bodies, surrounded by colours that express their emotions and feelings, and which expand them in total harmony. Her will is to create works that invite us to love and care for all bodies. In this sense, Le Corps liberates itself from social conventions and draws itself as a pure subject of beauty and life.

During the last few months, the Barcelona artist has also been creating works based on the small pleasures in which the protagonists of her pieces are imbued. In this sense, for example, we will not be surprised to see how gastronomy is present in some of her works - the artist confesses being a lover of "L'Art de la table".

Following her aesthetic line, the artist created a piece with our classic sneakers M'89. With her characteristic line, she portrayed the essence of SAYE.

Thank you Sandra for opening the doors of your home and showing us your universe.

You can follow her work at @sandramodrego

Photographies by @eliapezteguia and @marionacalathea

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