Dont Panik Its Veganik

On the occasion of Vegan Day and to commemorate that one year ago we decided to only produce vegan sneakers, we decided to throw a big celebration with a cake worthy of the ocasion. That's why we relied on the talent of Sofia Tsyhanok, vegan pastry chef behind the Don't Panik Its Veganik project.

Dont Panik Its Veganik is a space for gastronomic experimentation that has become Sofia’s form of artistic expression through edible art. For her the project is a way for her to constantly explore and investigate different aesthetics, methods and materials of creation. It all comes from the combination of sculpture and food, vegan pastry, candles, altars, design, nature, energies and everything that can be created with the hands.

She seeks to take her pastries to an experimental and deconstructed place based on exploring different practices of the act of cooking and eating. Another important goal for her is to demonstrate that a cake can be exquisite as well as vegan.