how our sneakers are made

December 2021 _ How our sneakers are made

The design and creative process behind making our sneakers is super cool, and whether you’re a geek with this stuff like us, or not, here you’ll get an interesting, behind the scenes peek into the steps taken to create sneaker magic.

It’s a beautiful experience when an idea transforms from something imagined to a real live thing. In the product department, we use a mix of creativity and analysis to create what we think to be the perfect sneaker.

When creating the perfect sneaker we continually focus on:

- Sustainability
- Style
- Comfort
- Innovation
- Durability

And if you’ve owned and (obsessively worn) SAYE’s Sneakers, you’ll know that each of these factors shine through into the final product, and are what truly sets our sneakers apart from others.

We wanted to explain a little more about our newest creation, the Modelo ‘89 Vegan HI Sneakers, what took place for these little beauties to come about, and how you can get your hands on these iconic kicks asap.


To develop the M’89 Vegan HI model, the design team first carried out a trend analysis with the aim to bring back the loved by all - retro style sneaker.

With this in mind, the most iconic references on the market were analyzed and after much deliberation we decided to create a high top booty version of our most popular model, the M’89 sneaker.

During the design process, various proposals were put on the table, specifically the possibility of creating an image that would be applicable to the new silhouettes. When sketching the M’89 model, diagonal lines were drawn to join the two sections that cross the shoe, and the sides were erased perpendicularly to maintain the trapeze-like shape of the Modelo ‘95.

The result of this union created a new symbol for us called 'La Fuga', which from now on will represent SAYE.

Once the upper section of the shoe and all its components had been defined in 2D, the design was digitized to perfect it in 3D and achieve a complete perspective. After adding the final touches of detail to the design, the shoe pattern was drawn up and the prototyping phase began.

At the same time, an analysis of materials was carried out in order to select the most suitable options for this model. Through various resistance and durability tests, and along with other factors, the ideal materials were chosen.

The next step along the development process was to understand what models and colors were loved and requested by you, the SAYE sneaker wearer! From there the various color options that you can now see in the 89 Hi model, were decided upon.

Finally, during the prototyping phase, numerous improvements were made to achieve the most comfortable and durable version.


There you have it! The creative process from start to finish to bring you our new 89 Hi model sneakers wasn’t too complicated. Though as you can see there are many steps and decisions made along the way to create these iconic kicks with ALL of the retro vibes that you see here today…

We know these sneakers will be around for a long time, and will always offer your outfit the boost needed to make you feel super FLY, every day of the week!!

You can get your hands on a pair right now here 

“We do not
inherit the
Earth from our
Ancestors, we
borrow it from
our children”