How are they made?
The M’89 Cactus Sneakers

Quality is key here at SAYE. And for you to really understand the quality of our shoes, the energy and value that we invest into these sneakers, we felt it necessary to walk you through the step by step process of what goes into the creation of each masterpiece.

Along with quality, We’re 100% focused on making a pair of sneakers that you’ll fall in love with, that feel super comfortable while wearing and that will last for years and years.

And to achieve all of that, we need to make every decision along the process a good one.

First things first…

Finding the right material that will allow each sneaker to be durable, soft, sexy, while also offering sustainable processes and being 100% VEGAN (of course), is the very first step along our creation process.

The moment we came across this super innovative cactus vegan napa we knew this was the type of material we were looking for.

It literally ticked all of the boxes we were searching for…

What is this super innovative material?

The material used on our cactus collection is a highly sustainable Cactus Vegan Napa, one of the most innovative plant-based materials on the market and is often distinguished by its softness to touch. It performs exceptionally well under the most rigorous quality and environmental standards, avoids using toxic chemicals, and the cactus material is partially biodegradable.

How Is It Made? 


Only mature leaves of the cactus plant are selected and cut which ensures the cactus is not damaged at all and allows the rest of the plant to grow, enabling repeated harvesting from the same plant.


No irrigation system is used as the cactus grows naturally with rain water and rich earth minerals. So the plant does not require a lot of water at all!


Once harvested, the cactus dries under the sun, which means there’s no additional energy used in the drying process and it also absorbs Carbon Dioxide.


 The remaining organic cactus material that isn’t used is exported and sold nationally in the food industry.

From this super cool material we make our cactus collection: the M’89 Cactus and the super white and clean M’89 Polar Cactus.

Of course there are many other elements involved in the making up of the sneaker, like the laces, lining and sole, which use other certified organic materials, check out the other elements below.

Other Elements of the Sneaker


70% bamboo + 30% recycled PET


Certified organic cotton


60% recycled thermoplastics recovered from the automotive factories, 40% PU foam and 100% organic cotton cover


30% natural and 70% synthetic rubber mix


Recycled box and paper / plastic free & fully biodegradable bag

So, when searching for your next pair of SAYE Sneakers, we invite you to look a little deeper than the colour, price and style, and feel the love and energy that has been put into every inch of these beautiful sneakers.

You can get your hands on your own pair of M'89 Vegan Cactus here:


“We do not
inherit the
Earth from our
Ancestors, we
borrow it from
our children”