This year we can be proud of many things,

What we are most excited about and what we believe is a big change for the future of our company is our move to being a 100% vegan company. From 2022 we will only produce with bio-based and recycled materials, as we were already doing in many of our products.

 We have launched several models that we are very excited about, such as the M'89 Vegan Colours, the M'89 Vegan HI or the M'89 Vegan Cactus, one of our most innovative products.

Thanks to all of you we have reached our goal of planting 200,000 trees.

In 2021 our team has also grown a lot, we are now 20 people who are working every day to make SAYE better and better.

Also, we can now say that we sell in 115 countries and our sneakers can be found in 170 points of sale around the world.

You can see how happy we are with all the good things that have happened to SAYE this year, but above all we are very grateful to all those who trust us and who make it possible for SAYE to continue growing and being an alternative to traditional footwear.

From the bottom of our hearts we wish you a happy New Year.


“We do not
inherit the
Earth from our
Ancestors, we
borrow it from
our children”