Cleaning seas with
Gravity Wave

November 2021 _ Cleaning seas with Gravity Wave

We’ve all noticed the damage that plastic is having on our planet. We’ve seen images of the huge mountains of rubbish, floating in the ocean like a man made island. We’ve witnessed sea turtles being caught in discarded fishing nets or the thousands of microplastics found in a fish’s stomach.

The harm plastic is having on our environment is certainly not new information.

This is not the world we want to live in...
And along with your help, we are doing something about it.

This November, we are excited to announce that together with Gravity Wave, We’ll be collecting 1 kg of plastic for every pair of sneakers sold.

We are super passionate about this topic, and wanted to explain to you a little about the why, what, how and who is behind this awesome, new collaboration.

Why do we want clean oceans?

The seas and oceans are the true lungs of the planet! 

In 2015, thanks to the international Tara Oceans project, the hypothesis that most of the oxygen we breathe on Earth comes from the seas and oceans was confirmed. It’s a microscopic organism called Phytoplankton (and not forests), that emits oxygen into our atmosphere, producing between 50% and 80% of all oxygen.

Life on Earth would not be possible without the existence of the seas and oceans. 

In addition to fulfilling these vital functions, the great biodiversity that inhabits the seas and oceans (80% of the Earth's animals) is an essential source of life for humans, providing food, employment, energy resources, and so much more.

The seas and oceans are the great regulators of our climate. 

They are capable of absorbing up to 4 times more CO2 than the Amazon itself each year, retaining excess heat, redistributing temperature across the planet and regulating the effects of climate change.

So, you can see why keeping our seas and oceans free of toxic trash is of utmost importance right? Now that you have the why, let’s talk about the who!

Who is Gravity Wave?

Gravity Wave is a social, circular economy and environmental awareness startup whose mission is to clean our seas and oceans of plastic. They do so by collaborating with all the agents of society: companies, organisations, individuals, etc.

They also go the next step by transforming the plastics they remove from the seabed and prevention zones into valuable products, demonstrating that no plastic is considered waste and should not end up in nature.

What does Gravity Wave do?

Clean plastic from the sea

Thanks to their partnership with Enaleia, Gravity Wave has more than 1,000 traditional fishermen on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, through whom they capture and remove the plastic found in the sea.

Transform plastic into products

Thanks to their partners CM Plastik, they separate, recycle and transform locally in Valencia, the plastic removed from the sea into new valuable products such as furniture, corporate lettering, among other useful and long-lasting products.

Prevent plastic from reaching the sea

They work on circular economy projects with companies, helping them to transform their plastic waste that costs them money into a raw material that is worth money and we prevent this waste from reaching landfills and eventually, the sea.

Educate and raise awareness

They organize corporate volunteering, beach cleanups with employees, webinars and interactive workshops for companies and corporations, as well as through their social networks and media.

How will SAYE contribute?

SAYE’s contribution will aid in the cleanup of any broken, damaged fishing nets found in the fishing ports and prevent them from falling into the sea. With the plastic waste collected, Gravity Wave will recycle, recover, and reintroduce the product into the economy again.

We think nothing is more important than taking care of our planet and for three years we have been planting trees for every pair of sneakers sold. This month to celebrate Vegan Day and the huge announcement that we are going 100% vegan we wanted to do something special.

Which is why we are teaming up with our friends at Gravity Wave.

Sometimes the problem can feel too big to do much about it on your own.
It can easily fall into the ‘too hard’ basket.

Well now, we can all team up together, and just through investing in a pair of SAYE sneakers, you’ll be taking responsibility and doing your bit for the planet.

Right alongside us...

Here’s to cleaning seas and oceans together!!!

“We do not
inherit the
Earth from our
Ancestors, we
borrow it from
our children”