SAYE is inspired by people’s lives, so it’s not Lunaar that SAYE is going to talk about, but Clara Casanovas as the person behind Lunaar. She believes in a timeless fashion industry built of essentials made of natural fibers. She has a production and consumption ethic, which is why she produces in a family workshop in India, Nepal and then just ships Europe-wide.

It’s all about the approach. At SAYE we want to inspire every human on earth to invest time and effort in a lifestyle that changes behaviors and respects the planet. That’s why Clara’s project and lifestyle is interesting for us. We feel the need to show it to the world so more people can join the move. 


She was born in a wooden house and surrounded by Green. This is why nature has been essential in her life.

She is a lover of everything natural, things and people.  The more natural the more she likes them.

She thrives with color, light and music.

Laughing is her favorite hobby.

She goes to the beach in winter and picks the fruit from the garden, those are her best hobbies.


Lunaar is a local company from Barcelona that’s putting their best clothing forward. At Lunaar, they are devoted to creating timeless essentials that transmit a natural elegance.

They work exclusively with natural fibers such as bamboo, silk, cotton and linen – as well as cashmere and wool. Their aim is to provide softness and comfort while making long-lasting, biodegradable pieces.

Lunaar is for all those nature lovers, who value the quality and texture of materials, who appreciate beauty and prioritize the comfort and versatility of their clothes, while providing a touch of color to life.