Each piece is made of 100% organic COTTON, using natural dye and packaging
to bring you the most sustainable garment on the market.

Manufactured in Europe, environmentally friendly,
allergy free, zero chemicals, and proudly SAYE.

Environmentally friendly

Energy and water saving

ecological yarns and natural dyes

free of harmful chemicals


We are always searching for groundbreaking processes and technologies that reduce environmental impact and provide a sustainable, smarter and safer choice for your skin and the earth. Which led us to working with Eyand.

Eyand uses a natural dyeing process that has completely redesigned and revolutionised the harmful, conventional dyeing methods and offers a 100% natural approach, guaranteeing results.

SAYE is the very first Spanish brand to be using this innovative technology and we are incredibly excited to bring you a natural alternative. 


The natural dyeing process that Eyand has developed, drastically improves product quality, productivity and offers maximum comfort. So much so, the life duration of each garment is increased by up to 40%.

Meaning, you will not only be investing in a 100% natural, allergy free and friendly on the skin product, you’ll also enjoy it for nearly double the lifespan of your average garment. Eyland dyes don’t wash off either and show no shading!


Less time, less water, less energy.

Eyand significantly reduces your carbon footprint by using ecologic yarns, natural dyes, avoiding the use of chemical contaminants or harmful materials and improving the production process as a whole.

Modern methods have been pioneered to not only save water, but also to make sure that discarded water goes back to the environment, uncontaminated.

_ Natural dyes do not contaminate water
_ Low CO2 emissions, thanks to cold dyeing
_ Up to 40% less water consumption
_ Harmless waste and recycling water for future dyes 


The Eyand process is 100% chemical-free, using company owned machines for complete control and with the guarantee that all the dyes used are 100% natural.

Ecologic yarns are also used, which are made from waste such as plastic bottles, used pieces of clothing and also natural fibers. Which are all grown according to strict guidelines on the use of petroleum based fertili-sers, pesticides, or any other chemical product. The knitting, cutting, sewing and dyeing of garments are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and OEKO-TEX (World leading ecolabel for textile products) certified.

The method used requires significantly less resources in terms of water, time and energy consumption, all the while reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the environment.