Since 2021, we have said goodbye to leather products and no longer produce with animal products. But we believe that the road to a vegan industry does not end here. For us, vegan products must also have an environmental commitment and cannot be made of plastic. That's why we are constantly searching for new materials and are currently using innovative, bio-based, recycled and organic materials.


We partner with suppliers around the world to offer excellent materials that are very new to the industry. All of our products are made with vegan leather and we currently offer a line of products made from recycled fruits and plants. The stripe in our M '89 Vegan Mango is made from leftover mango from the food industry and the green line in the Cactus collection is made as the name implies from cactus.


We are aware that we move in an industry where every move has to be measured and any direction we take has to be consistent. That is why we believe it is essential to be transparent and communicate every decision that may affect our consumers. We are committed to always telling the truth, using clear messages, communicating all aspects that may affect the user's purchasing decision, being honest and admitting mistakes.


For us, there can be no such thing as a brand that presents itself as sustainable and neglects other injustices. At SAYE we believe that commitment to the environment is closely linked to social commitment. SAYE's foundations
are built on a basis of acceptance,
inclusivity and empowerment.